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Unambiguous Real-Time Detection of TNT with PTR-MS

Article in ACS’ Analytical Chemistry journal: Discovery of a new dimension in selectivity for PTR-MS

We have already successfully demonstrated the ability of PTR-MS to detect common threat agents such as CWAs, TICs and Explosives in earlier studies. Using high-resolution IONICON PTR-TOFMS series instruments an unambiguous identification of most known substances has already been proven.

A new study shows that another potentially useful procedure for the elimination of false positives with regard to the detection of TNT using PTR-MS technology was found:


PTR-MS for the sensitive and rapid real-time detection of solid high explosives in air and water

A new article in ABC demonstrates the capabilities of detecting explosives in air and water with IONICON DAI-PTR-MS

IONICON scientists successfully demonstrate  the DAI (direct aqueous injection) system’s capabilities to detect explosives in water. The IONICON DAI system is currently in development and allows for injection of liquids and analysis of which in IONICON PTR-MS instruments.

PTR-MS is known for its low real-time detection limit for trace VOCs in air and the DAI system will be used to extend the range of possible PTR-MS applications to the liquid phase.


Relying on recent developments in proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS), we demonstrate here the capability of detecting solid explosives in air and in water in real time.