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SRI-TOFMS: Rapid Analysis of New Psychoactive Substances Blends

Identification of active ingredients in seconds without sample preparation


A popular NPS blend marketed as “synthacaine” on the internet.

Following up our recent research on explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial compounds and illicit drugs detection, we are currently focusing on the analysis of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) utilizing state-of-the-art IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 instruments equipped with SRI capability. NPS, or “designer drugs”, “legal highs” and “research chemicals”, as they are often called, are chemicals with psychoactive effects either similar to illicit drugs or genuine on their own. However, the relevant legislation varies from country to country and NPS are in fact readily available over the Internet.


New IONICON Technologies Overview brochure now available

„Ultra-Sensitive Solutions for Real-Time Trace Gas Analysis”

That’s what we aim for and what we promise to deliver!

Such a pledge requires us to use multiple technologies and methods in order to address various areas of applications where we provide services to you.

technology_2013_brochure_meCheck out our brand spanking new “IONICON Technologies Overview” brochure that we provide as a free download.

Learn more about PTR-MS, SRI-MS and the many benefits of our trace gas analyzers. If questions remain or you would like us to investigate your application, please just let us know!