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VOC release from WPC: a new PTR-TOFMS application

Wood-plastic composites – replacing plastics with wood


Wood-plastic composites

In the quest for new alternatives for crude oil based materials such as plastics, WPCs (Wood-plastic composites) seem to be suitable materials, used in buildings and in the automobiles production. WPC are natural fiber composites with properties of both plastic and wood. It is estimated that the production of WPCs will experience an annual growth of 14% between 2014 and 2019 according to a study by the University of Eastern Finland.

In the study a new sort of additives to the WPC were investigated and the VOC release monitored with IONICON PTR-TOFMS (more…)

SRI-TOFMS: Rapid Analysis of New Psychoactive Substances Blends

Identification of active ingredients in seconds without sample preparation


A popular NPS blend marketed as “synthacaine” on the internet.

Following up our recent research on explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial compounds and illicit drugs detection, we are currently focusing on the analysis of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) utilizing state-of-the-art IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 instruments equipped with SRI capability. NPS, or “designer drugs”, “legal highs” and “research chemicals”, as they are often called, are chemicals with psychoactive effects either similar to illicit drugs or genuine on their own. However, the relevant legislation varies from country to country and NPS are in fact readily available over the Internet.


TOP 10 Publication: Coffee Roasting – Flavor Analysis with PTR-TOF

One of the longest established PTR-MS applications is once again producing fascinating results: Alexia Gloess and her team have just published a PTR-TOF study on coffee roasting that is currently the most downloaded article in IJMS.

Espresso-roasted_coffee_beans_wikimediaIt is not surprising that aroma analysis is among the prime applications of PTR-MS. The high sensitivity and real-time capability make PTR-MS an ideal tool for direct VOC quantification. Especially coffee with its rich flavour spectrum has always been in the focus of researchers. It is likely due to this complexity, that this subject is far from exhausted and consistently releases new results.


Vacancy from the PTR-MS Community

Full-time experienced PTR-MS technician/scientist at the University of Antwerp

Technicians or scientists with experience in PTR-MS are high in demand!
Below you’ll find an interesting opening at our colleagues at the University of Antwerp. The PLECO research group has got two of IONICON’s  proton transfer reaction mass spectrometers (PTR-QMS and PTR-TOF-MS). PLECO’s PTR-TOF 8000 can be used to measure not only BVOC concentrations, but also BVOC fluxes in the field.

Find all details of this vacancy here: Full-time experienced PTR-MS technician/scientist to join the PLECO research group, University of Antwerp, Belgium.


IONICON PTR-TOF-MS helps providing new insights and a SCIENCE paper

Extremely large range of VOCs are a challenge to current emission, air quality, and global climate models.

J.-H. Park et al. were relying on an IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 instrument to study fluxes of an unprecedented number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) simultaneously. Their results, “Active Atmosphere-Ecosystem Exchange of the Vast Majority of Detected Volatile Organic Compounds“, have recently been published in the prestigious SCIENCE Magazine. Using traditional measurement techniques, monitoring of VOCs was limited to a few selected compounds, the authors explain, whereas PTR-TOFMS technology reveals 186 organic ions with a net deposition, and 494 that have bidirectional flux.


Ultimate Performance: the IONICON PTR-TOFMS series

A new generation in high sensitivity and high resolution Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

We entered the market of commercial PTR-TOF-MS instruments in 2007 and soon became the benchmark for ultimate performance. True to our mission to developing instruments that go beyond known standards, we launched a product that exceeded specifications claimed in the literature at that time by far.

Now we redefine known standards again, but this time our own:

The IONICON PTR-TOF 8000 and PTR-TOF 2000, tuned to perfection, are both continuing to lead their respective fields in the market of time of flight based PTR-MS instruments: the PTR-TOF 8000 features the highest mass resolving power and the PTR-TOF 2000 the lowest detection limit of all commercially available PTR-TOF-MS systems.

Investments in in our R&D capabilities, but also in software engineering and ongoing optimization efforts have raised the bar: download our new PTR-TOFMS series Performance White Paper and have a look at our PTR-TOFMS series Performance Website to learn more.