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New PTR-MS VIEWER 3.1 post processing software released

The powerful solution for data analysis – for all IONICON PTR-MS instruments.

It was on your wishlist: 3.1 is a lot faster, coming with improved usability and stability compared to version 3.0. Of course it remains free of charge for all IONICON customers.

Features include:

  • Mass calibration of TOF spectra.
  • Calculation of time courses from TOF spectra by simple integration or multi-peak-fitting.
  • Tool for identification of compounds using isotope patterns.
  • Batch processing of a large number of files (Individual files and spectra can be merged for easier post processing in external tools).
  • 3D-visualization of time courses of mass spectra.
  • Tool for determining the instrument transmission curve (calibration gas needed).
  • Export of spectra and time traces to different file formats.

This and more software is available from our secure IONICON customer area (login required – forgot your credentials? Click here!).

We look forward to your feedback and wish you a Merry XMAS!

PTR-MS for indoor air quality monitoring

A new review article discusses important applications of IONICON PTR-MS systems in indoor air quality monitoring.

Many sources of airborne contamination e.g. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) influence on the quality of indoor air. These substances are emitted by household products, electronics such as computers, printers or TVs,  construction materials, wall-paints, carpets, and furniture.  Many of which are known to affect human health or at least to cause unpleasant odors. They can be present in high concentrations due to insufficient ventilation inside closed spaces such as e.g. buildings, offices etc. but also cars and aircraft cabins. Chemical contamination of indoor air is a contributing factor to the so called “Sick Building Syndrome“.

IONICON PTR-MS is an excellent tool for assessing the concentration of indoor air VOCs, providing real-time quantitative results from very low levels (sub-pptv) to high concentrations (ppmv and above).

A new article by S. Schripp et al. discusses various scenarios, sources of contamination and their impact on the indoor air quality. The team of Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig, Germany, and IONICON described five applications of PTR-MS in Indoor Air:


RJ Lee Group selected as exclusive IONICON U.S. Distributor

RJ Lee Group, Inc. materials characterization laboratory and industrial forensics consulting firm has become the exclusive U.S. distribution partner for IONICON’s Trace Gas Analysis products including the Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS) trace gas analyzer.

RJ Lee Group_logoRJ Lee Group has been providing analytical services both in the laboratory and in the field for over 30 years, and since 2012, the company has used an IONICON PTR-MS system, installed in a mobile laboratory, to sample a variety of organic compounds at locations around the country. RJ Lee Group will distribute the instrument as well as offer analysis services, training, consultation, and application development support to owners and prospective users.


IONICON exhibited at the ACS Spring Meeting 2013

IONICON has exhibited PTR-MS technology at this year’s ACS Spring Meeting in New Orleans for the first time. 

The Spring Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) has taken place in New Orleans from April 7-11, 2013. It was the first ACS event we contributed to and besides showcasing PTR-MS products, our scientists also presented several posters and one talk on hot topics of PTR-MS-related applications and current developments.

Ionicon booth #1118


New IONICON Technologies Overview brochure now available

„Ultra-Sensitive Solutions for Real-Time Trace Gas Analysis”

That’s what we aim for and what we promise to deliver!

Such a pledge requires us to use multiple technologies and methods in order to address various areas of applications where we provide services to you.

technology_2013_brochure_meCheck out our brand spanking new “IONICON Technologies Overview” brochure that we provide as a free download.

Learn more about PTR-MS, SRI-MS and the many benefits of our trace gas analyzers. If questions remain or you would like us to investigate your application, please just let us know!


Global Medical Discovery features Ionimed’s biotech research

The prestigious Global Medical Discovery website has selected to feature a cutting edge PTR-MS application in biotechnology.

IONICON is conducting research to develop novel solutions for the monitoring of fermentation processes in biotechnology based on PTR-MS. This is done under the auspices of the Austrian center of industrial biotechnology (ACIB), with academic partners (BOKU, Vienna) as well as large biopharmaceutical companies, such as Sandoz and Böhringer Ingelheim.

A break-through in biotech research has been published recently – as we have earlier reported on this blog. Several national Austrian and German media have reported on this story (in German):  not only in the scientific media, such as the blog Medizin-Aspekte, but also the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

Now this publication has attracted more international attention and has been selected by Global Medical Discovery; a website which selects and features breaking news about the latest scientific discoveries in this field.


RJ Lee Group’s mobile lab including an IONICON PTR-MS is now deployed for real-time VOCs monitoring

RJ Lee Group equips mobile lab with IONICON PTR-MS and provides rapid, mobile monitoring of organic contamination and leaks caused by hurricane “Sandy”

RJ Lee Group, Inc.‘s mobile laboratory is now available to aid in assessing and monitoring organic contaminants that may have occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Using  an IONICON High-Sensitivity PTR-MS instrument, RJ Lee Group can support investigations associated with suspect odors, volatile toxic compounds and organic chemical releases to the environment.  The mobile laboratory can be deployed directly to sensitive areas where contamination, odors, and suspected damage exist and deliver real-time VOC monitoring data, including investigations into:

  • Flooding into confined building spaces, tunnels, and storage locations
  • Damaged chemical storage, transportation, and chemical use facilities or other areas of chemical and hazardous material release
  • Hospitals, transportation hubs, stadiums, and other high-traffic areas where large-scale public exposure to VOCs is possible