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PTR-TOF in the spotlight at IABR Breath Summit 2016

IONICON’s PTR-TOFMS technology has become the leading method for real-time breath gas analysis.

The International Association for Breath Research (IABR) held its annual summit conference at the renowned ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Between September 14 – 16, 2016, the latest scientific results in breath research were presented. In 12 talks researchers featured PTR-MS as their tool of choice for real-time breath gas analysis.

IONICON life PTR-TOF demonstration at the Breath Summit 2016 in Zuerich.

IONICON life PTR-TOF demonstration at the IABR Breath Summit 2016 in Zurich.

The popularity of PTR-MS, and especially PTR-TOF, reflects the various advantages these instruments offer for breath gas research. The Time-of-Flight (TOF) system analyses the complete ionized spectrum in a fraction of a second with a resolution sufficient to resolve isobaric compounds. The high sensitivity allows the detection of ppt-concentrations from a single exhalation. (more…)

Visit us at “IABR” and “IGAC” in September 2016

A breath summit and an atmospheric chemistry conference – both communities benefit from PTR-TOFMS and are supported by IONICON

logo_IABR_2016Visit us at the IABR breath summit 2016, at the ETH Zurich in two weeks and experience ultra-sensitive, high-resolution breath gas analysis by PTR-TOFMS! This in combination with the IONICON BET-med sampling interface that is ISO 60601 certified and ready for use in a clinical setting, make our instrument the preferred solution for real-time breath gas analysis.

We’re a proud sponsor for the IABR series of events and will offer live demos during the conference.

logo_igac2016The next major event will be the IGAC Atmospheric Chemistry conference 2016, taking place in Breckenridge, CO, 26. – 30. September 2016.


PTR-MS breath test shows potential for detecting liver disease

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have published results that suggest a non-invasive breath test for liver disease using an IONICON PTR-MS. Elevated levels of limonene in patients have been found to be indicative of a diseased liver.

Especially in the UK liver disease has risen sharply over the past few decades and is the third biggest cause of premature mortality. Patients do not often present with symptoms until the disease is advanced. Even then diagnosis is difficult and the symptoms are often general and can be mistaken for other pathologies.

Breath gas analysis is a non-invasive method to collect information on the state of an individual by monitoring the concentration of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the exhaled breath, which are directly correlate to their concentrations in blood.


Atemluft-Analytik mit IONICON PTR-MS Instrumenten

Ehrung für Prof. Amann für Echtzeit Atemluft-Analytik an der Univ.-Klinik in Innsbruck

Univ.-Prof. Anton Amann von der Univ.-Klinik für Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin wird für seine Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Atemgasanalytik mit der renommierten Marie Sklodowska Curie Medaille geehrt.

Besonders im Bereich der Echtzeit Analytik von Atemluft bestechen die IONICON PTR-MS Instrumente durch ihre schnelle Reaktionszeit (< 100 ms) und dem herausragenden Detektionslimit im einstelligen pptv-Bereich (parts-per-trillion – 1 Teilchen Substanz auf 100 Milliarden Teilchen Luft ist noch nachweisbar). Dabei findet die noch relativ junge aber vielversprechende Technologie der Protonen-Transfer-Reaktions Time-of-Flight (PTR-TOF) Massenspektrometrie Anwendung, die von IONIMED für medizinische Anwendungen weiterentwickelt wurde und von Prof. Amann für seine Forschung eingesetzt wird.

Lesen Sie hier den Artikel der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck.

BRE4TH project

February 2010, London – BRE4TH Project

A team of the multimedia artists and scientists have been exploring new ways of visualisations and sonifications of scent- and breath-analysis using an Ionimed PTR-MS med system.