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IONICON is a proud partner of the SPIRIT project

Safety and Protection of built Infrastructure to Resist Integral Threats

Terrorist attacks by bombing or CBR (Chemical, Biological and Radiological) are threats with a low likelihood but with extremely high impact.
There is strong need to protect critical infrastructures and utilities (malls, governmental buildings and embassies), train and subway stations against being damaged, destroyed or disrupted by deliberate acts of terrorism, criminal activity and malicious behaviour.

The overall aim of the SPIRIT project is to provide the technology and know-how for the protection of buildings and people against terrorist treat and to minimize the consequences of a terrorist attack in terms of number of casualties/injuries, damage and loss of functionality and services.


IONICON presents PTR-MS at a conference in Brussels

The “Emissions and odours from materials” conference took place in Brussels from October 13-14, 2010.

PTR-MS is an ideal and versatile technology for the real-time quantification of VOCs in very low concentrations (sub pptv-range). This is the reason why PTR-MS is used e.g. in a product called the AMC-Monitor C-1000 for monitoring of critical compounds in the semiconductor industry. PTR-MS is also used in different studies of the air quality in simulated and real flight situations.

We held a talk about the PTR-MS technology, instrumentation, new developments and presented some application examples to the attendees of this two-days event. The main focus lay on VOCs emissions from materials in indoor air and controlled environments such as cleanrooms.

The participants were predominately specialists from the industry and scientists from academic institutions and had the chance to test PTR-MS themselves when visiting our exhibition corner.

Have a look at the program and download our slides here!