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PTR-MS on Customs Detection Technologies Workshop

IONICON has participated in the 1st Workshop on Customs Detection Technologies. We have gathered exciting insight and presented an interesting showcase for drug detection with PTR-MS.

Coca-Cola headspace, blue signal limonene, green signal GBL spiked in drink.

The 1st Workshop on Customs Detection Technologies has taken place in October 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Representatives of the customs of European countries and those of other invited countries have met with scientists of customs laboratories and representatives of the industry. PTR-MS is an emerging technology for safety, security and customs applications. We gladly followed the invitation to present PTR-MS in a talk and in life demonstrations at the exhibition.


TOP 10 Publication: Coffee Roasting – Flavor Analysis with PTR-TOF

One of the longest established PTR-MS applications is once again producing fascinating results: Alexia Gloess and her team have just published a PTR-TOF study on coffee roasting that is currently the most downloaded article in IJMS.

Espresso-roasted_coffee_beans_wikimediaIt is not surprising that aroma analysis is among the prime applications of PTR-MS. The high sensitivity and real-time capability make PTR-MS an ideal tool for direct VOC quantification. Especially coffee with its rich flavour spectrum has always been in the focus of researchers. It is likely due to this complexity, that this subject is far from exhausted and consistently releases new results.


Laborpraxis Fachartikel über IONICON PTR-MS: Aromadesign und Lebensmittelsicherheit

PTR-MS ist eine etablierte Technologie in der Lebensmittelanalytik und der Geschmacks- und Geruchsforschung

In den letzten Jahren ist PTR-MS zu einer Art “Goldstandard” in der Lebensmittelanalytik avanciert, wenn es darum geht quantitative Echtzeitdaten von Geruch und Geschmack, ohne aufwendige Probenvorbereitung direkt am Lebensmittel oder einer Testperson, die es zu sich nimmt, zu gewinnen. Lebensmittelkonzerne aber auch viele Forschungseinrichtungen setzen auf unsere Produkte um den Genuss für den Konsumenten zu erhöhen und gleichbleibende gute Qualität zu gewährleisten.

Ein neuer Fachartikel zum Thema PTR-MS als Technologie im Aroma-Design und der Lebensmittelsicherheit ist heute auf erschienen. Eine gute Zusammenfassung des aktuellen Einsatzgebiets unserer hoch-empfindlichen Echtzeit-Analysegeräte für organische Bestandteile der Luft, bietet der Artikel:
PTR-MS hilft beim Aroma-Design und der Lebensmittelsicherheit


IONICON presents N.A.S.E. – Nosespace Air Sampling Extension to PTR-MS

IONICON N.A.S.E. is a heated device for the collection of nosespace air and direct introduction into the inlet of a PTR-MS system.

We listened to the feedback from our customers and developed a device for further improving our response time optimized heated PEEK inlet system, especially for PTR-MS users in food, flavor & fragrance science.

Substances of interest such as e.g. Vanillin are often very “sticky” and condensate on cold spots of an inlet system. Therefore we have engineered a solution overcome this issue.

Watch the video below to see how you can benefit from IONICON N.A.S.E.!

PTR-MS compared to SIFT-MS, APCI and MS-e-noses

A new review article in Trends in Analytical Chemistry discusses direct-injection mass spectrometry for VOC analysis.

F. Biasioli, C. Yeretzian, T. D. Märk, J. Dewulf and H. Van Langenhove wrote an interesting review with the title “Direct-injection mass spectrometry adds the time dimension to (B)VOC analysis” that was recently published in Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30 (7) (2011).

We at IONICON are often asked what actually the differences and in our case, the benefits of the PTR-MS technology compared to other, similar methods are. Not only a technical comparison is of interest but also feedback from studies in the field covering various applications is in high demand by people contacting us.

For me the advantages of PTR-MS are obvious and I also know which position our technology and products have in the market, but of course it is more credible if an article in a peer-reviewed journal has such a comparison as topic and gives the reader a chance to follow a well grounded debate.
The synopsis of this article with regards to PTR-MS and my conclusion, I would summarize as follows only mentioning the most intriguing arguments:


IONICON proudly sponsors iLEAPS and Weurman conferences

Conference and events schedule – UPDATE

After the first quarter of 2011 ended very successfully for us with our exhibition stand being crowded at conferences and trade shows like Pittcon® (read the blog entry), it is time to give you an update on what will be going on in the second and third quarter of 2011. We sponsor some very interesting conferences and will be present with our booth, lectures, posters and of course…PTR-MS instruments.

Visit us at these events:

This is only a small selection of conferences we are already preparing for but watch out for more updates coming up at our Conference & Events Schedule page. Stop by our booth and experience real-time ultra-sensitive trace gas analysis.

Interview: “Elektronische Nase mit unvorstellbarer Empfindlichkeit”

Interview (in German) with the IONICON CEO, broadcasted at an Austrian radio station

Stream a recent interview (in German) of our CEO, Dr. Tilmann Märk that was broadcasted on June 11, 2010 at an Austrian radio station. The topics addressed were the detection and identification of explosives and other illicit substances, assessment of origin of food, monitoring of the atmosphere and other interesting applications of PTR-MS…

Click here to stream the interview

ORF Interview mit dem IONICON Geschäftsführer