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IONICON PTR-MS system monitors GMP biotech processes

fermenter_copyright_boehringer_ingelheimIONICON is a partner in the Austrian Center for Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB) for the development of novel tools for real-time process monitoring of biotechnological fermentations. After the successful implementation in a laboratory environment, the IONICON PTR-technology could now make another important step and has been utilized for real-time process monitoring in an industrial, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) controlled fermentation process. The ability to monitor volatile microbial metabolites in the off-gas, without an adaptation to the existing process, has enabled the introduction of PTR-MS to this highly regulated area.


Global Medical Discovery features Ionimed’s biotech research

The prestigious Global Medical Discovery website has selected to feature a cutting edge PTR-MS application in biotechnology.

IONICON is conducting research to develop novel solutions for the monitoring of fermentation processes in biotechnology based on PTR-MS. This is done under the auspices of the Austrian center of industrial biotechnology (ACIB), with academic partners (BOKU, Vienna) as well as large biopharmaceutical companies, such as Sandoz and Böhringer Ingelheim.

A break-through in biotech research has been published recently – as we have earlier reported on this blog. Several national Austrian and German media have reported on this story (in German):  not only in the scientific media, such as the blog Medizin-Aspekte, but also the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

Now this publication has attracted more international attention and has been selected by Global Medical Discovery; a website which selects and features breaking news about the latest scientific discoveries in this field.