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IONICON fastGC is winner of an Innovation Award 2015

Innovation Awaken! The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2015

TASIA 2015 logoOn December 17, 2015 the TASIAs were published, celebrating a year of innovation. We’re are glad to be among the 15 winners of an Innovation Award with the IONICON fastGC for PTR-TOFMS, adding near real-time chemical separation capabilities to PTR-TOFMS trace gas analyzers.


IONICON fastGC is the 2015 “Golden Gas Award” winner

We’re proud to receive this recognition, honoring the ability to solve an important challenge to the gas industry.

2015 Golden Gas Award Winner Certificate

2015 Golden Gas Award Winner

The IONICON fastGC is the winner of the Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine’s 2015 Golden Gas Award in the category Gas Chromatography.

From being G&I’s product of the month last December it took our new fastGC only a couple of months to score again.

The Golden Gas Awards are conducted by G&I each year as a tribute to the technology of gases.


fastGC PTR-TOF – for the best of both worlds

IONICON has developed a fastGC add-on that combines near real-time GC with soft PTR ionization and high resolution TOF.

The new fastGC module adds an optional chemical separation step before the real-time PTR-TOFMS analysis. This combines the complimentary features of gas chromatography with real-time trace gas analysis offering intriguing new possibilities. Developed as an add-on for IONICONs PTR-TOF instruments, the fastGC comprises a short, commercial GC column with an innovative heating concept for ultra-fast heating and cooling rates.