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Sneak a peak at the new IONICON PTR-QMS 300

IONICON launches the new PTR-QMS 300 replacing the successful Compact PTR-MS

PTR-QMS-300The Compact PTR-MS was presented to the market in 2003 as a very innovative, small and lightweight PTR-MS entry-level model for research or process monitoring applications where a remarkable detection limit of below 1 ppbv was reached with this lean set-up.

The Compact PTR-MS was immediately accepted as an ideal instrument for customers who are in need of routine analysis provided by a benchtop PTR-MS with a very moderate price tag.

Over the last couple of years we collected your feedback and continuously improved our technology and instruments.

The new PTR-QMS 300 is the outcome of focused R&D efforts and cooperation with our customers and institutional partners.  Now we can present a completely revised instrument design to you and these are the most outstanding features:

PTR-MS starring at science show on TV

On July 1,  a PTR-MS was part of a science show in national German television.

Naturwunder_C-PTRToday the German TV station ARD has broadcasted the science show “Die große Show der Naturwunder” at prime time in its evening program. Among the scientific experts is Dr. Jens Herbig from Ionimed Analytik in Innsbruck to talk about breath gas analysis including a live demonstration using an IONICON Compact PTR-MS.


PTR-MS in television show

In July a PTR-MS will be part of a science show in national german television.

On July, 1st 2010, the German TV station ARD will broadcast the science show “Die große Show der Naturwunder” at prime time in its evening program. Dr. Jens Herbig from Ionimed Analytik in Innsbruck has been invited to this show as a scientific expert and will present a life demonstration of a Compact PTR-MS.


Analytica review

March 23-26, Munich

Analytica, the European benchmark in leading analytical trade shows, taking place every other year, attracted nearly 33.000 visitors.

For us Analytica is a very important event as first of all we meet lots of good friends and second, it’s very close to home (Innsbruck, Austria) so that we can be there in approximately 1.5 hours. This of course is a huge advantage and helps to bring most recent developments along with us.

IONICON Analytica boothWhilst serving coffee, cold drinks, and original Tyrolean speck, cheese and bread, at our booth that we shared with two other Austrian organizations we had the opportunity to present our products to a very interested public in hall A2.

On this picture you can see Jens Herbig from IONIMED testing the breath of visitors using an IONICON Compact PTR-MS and the IONIMED BET Sampler (download paper). (more…)