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PerMaSCal – add-on for advanced PTR-TOF mass-scale calibration

IONICON releases a new tool for all PTR-TOF systems for advanced mass-scale calibration.
product_permascal_focusThe built-in PerMaSCal unit uses permeation to add a high mass peaks of stable intensity to every spectrum. These signals represent ideal references for accurate, automated TOF mass-scale calibration and other tuning tasks without affecting typical measurement set-ups.


HPZAG: new zero-air generator for LCU

With a new add-on, IONICON’s LCU has become an advanced, all-in-one calibration device for trace gas analyzers.

High Pressure Zero Air GeneratorWe at IONICON believe that trace gas calibration is an essential part to support our claim to sell highest accuracy trace gas analyzers. Thus, we have invested in developing trace calibration systems for many years. With the now released high-pressure 0-air generator add-on, IONICON’s LCU has become an advanced, all-in-one calibration device for trace gas analyzers.


LCU: a new, versatile device for trace gas calibration

Discover a new calibration method for trace gas analyzers for an extensive range of compounds and concentrations. LCUThe new IONICON Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) uses an optimized method based on the evaporation of aqueous standards – a highly versatile technique for trace gas calibration.