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AMC-Monitor T-1000: all-in-one analyzer for the semiconductor industry

Real-time VOC monitoring in FOUP, fab and the clean-room environment

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) is more and more taking center stage in today’s semiconductor manufacturing processes. In the past the focus was on filtering particles from the ambient air in the clean-room to reduce their negative impact on production yield. Using  expensive air filtration equipment and transport containers for wafers, FOUPs – short for Front Opening Unified Pod, this problem is largely under control. While particles are still important, the contamination concern has shifted towards low-concentrated volatile molecules. These trace gases can be undesirable for semiconductor manufacturing processes and are therefore defined as airborne molecular contamination (AMC).

IONICON AMC-Monitor T-1000

To monitor AMC directly at the photolithography tool-level and in the transport and storage environment, real-time analyzers with low online detection limits and versatile usage scenarios are needed.


To address current and future challenges within and around fabrication plants, we have developed the modular and flexible monitoring platform AMC-Monitor T-1000.


New PTR-MS “indoor air quality” application note

VOC emissions in our homes, offices or cars – an exemplary study of commercial air fresheners

Volatile Organic Compouns (VOCs) are chemicals that vaporize at room temperature and many of which are known to be harmful to our health or have a bad smell. Nearly every commercial product we use emits VOCs, some of them on purpose (e.g. air fresheners) but a lot of them unintentionally (e.g. furniture like carpets or paints).

Learn more about indoor air quality and VOCs at the US EPA’s website.

Regulations exist to keep the level of VOC emissions low as many people react irritated to some of the substances. The so called “Sick Building Syndrome” is a situation where according to the US EPA “…Building occupants complain of symptoms associated with acute discomfort…”.  “Chemical contaminants from indoor sources” is cited as one of the “contributing factors to sick building syndrom”.

Learn more about the Sick Building Syndrome at the US EPA’s website (sources from above).

IONICON PTR-MS is often used for real-time quantification of trace VOCs in our outdoor environment, but also indoors. PTR-MS allows for straightforward, immediate analysis of air without any complicate sample preparation providing real-time results as mass spectra. Therefore many customers use PTR-MS for applications including:


AMC-Monitor C-1000

Real-Time Parallel Detection of Multiple VOC Contamination in Air

We, in this case artemis control AG, Switzerland being our exclusive partner and IONICON, are proud to present the new AMC-Monitor to you:

The AMC-Monitor C-1000 is the first on-line and real-time equipment capable to monitor various organic constituents in parallel in gas and air.

Developped jointly in a cooperative project together with artemis control,  the AMC-Monitor C-1000 is establishing a new standard in the detection of dynamic contamination levels in process environments.