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IONICON innovations showcased at the 65th annual ASMS meeting 2017

Real-time analysis of aerosols with CHARON PTR-TOFMS and modular X2 technologies for PTR-TOF performance enhancement

At the beginning of June it’ll be time to gather for the 65th annual ASMS conference on mass spectrometry and allied topics. IONICON R&D scientists will be there to present our most recent innovations and allow sneak-peeks on upcoming products.

Among the most important technologies is our modular “ION-BOOSTER” ion funnel in combination with our new hexapole ION-GUIDE. This “X2” set-up yields an incredible performance and allows the user to boost the IONICON PTR-TOF’s performance with push-button simplicity. Based on these achievements, the new high-resolution PTR-TOF 6000 X2 has just recently been launched as our new flagship PTR-TOF instrument for ultimate performance.

We will also focus on the real-time analysis of aerosols with PTR-TOFMS. The CHARON (CHemical Analysis of aeRosol Online) add-on will soon become available and revolutionize existing methods for on-line and real-time characterization of organic particulate matter. CHARON will be an exclusive add-on to IONICON PTR-TOF instruments, available with new instruments or as upgrades for IONICON customers.

Meet us for the following poster presentations and learn more about our innovations:

Tuesday June 6th, TP 403: CHARON PTR-ToF-MS: a new method for real-time measurement and molecular-level characterization of submicron particulate organic matter
Thursday June 8th, ThP 366: A Modular Ion Funnel for Improved Sensitivity in Proton-Transfer-Reaction – Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-TOFMS) Instruments

Click here to read the abstracts.

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