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Ionimed Analytik is a partner in the EU project LCAOS

The focus of EU project LCAOS is the development of nano-sensors for medical breath analysis. Ionimed provides PTR-MS technology to complement the sensor information and develops a novel calibration device for sensor characterization.

The acronym LCAOS is derived from Lung Cancer detection with an Artificial Olfactory System. In this project novel types of sensors, based on chemically-sensitive field effect transistors (FETs), will be developed and employed for breath analysis. The goal is a cheap and hand-held device for the detection of volatile biomarkers for lung cancer in breath. The multi-national consortium is coordinated by Prof. Hossam Haick from the Technion in Israel. Ionimed Analytik will contribute their expertise in breath analysis and PTR-MS technology. Moreover, a new, highly versatile, gas calibration system is being developed, based on the efficient evaporation of liquid solutions. This Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) can be used to calibrate sensor arrays as well as gas analytical instruments like PTR-MS. The LCAOS project is funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme.

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