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PTR-MS Conference & Hands-On PTR-MS 2011

January 23 – February 2, 2011, Obergurgl & Innsbruck, Austria

The successful International PTR-MS conference, organized by the Institute of Ion Physics and Applied Physics of the University of Innsbruck, celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2011 and the IONICON PTR-MS training course “hands-on PTR-MS” will again be part of the program.

I am glad to announce that the dates for the PTR-MS Conference 2011 and hands-on PTR-MS 2011 are now set. Please add these dates to your agenda!

IONICON hands-on PTR-MS 2011

The International PTR-MS Conference is traditionally accompanied by the IONICON PTR-MS training course “hands-on PTR-MS” and of course we won’t miss the opportunity to offer you the possibility of getting real hands-on training with the IONICON team in 2011 when you make your trip to the PTR-MS conference.

We carefully evaluated your feedback from the previous years and decided to change the venue to Innsbruck downtown. The dates will be before the PTR-MS conference and for those of you attending both events, we will provide a courtesy shuttle to the conference venue.

Others who decide only to participate in “hands-on” will benefit from the convenient location and excellent accessibility of Innsbruck downtown.

Sunday (check-in) 23 January – Wednesday (check-out/transfer to conference) 26 January 2011
Location: Innsbruck, Austria

More information such as the program, venue, registration and prices will become available soon.

5th International PTR-MS Conference 2011:

Wednesday (check-in) 26 January – Tuesday (check-out) 2 February 2011
University Center, Obergurgl, Austria

As part of the 5th PTR-MS conference an international satellite workshop on PTR-TOF technology and applications will be organized.

You may also wanto to have a look at the official conference website that will be updated by the organizer.

I hope to see you at the PTR-MS events 2011! Take care!


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